Sunday, August 6, 2017

here's the HTML & CSS code which I've created for this page.
needless to say, some of the HTML is outdated.
However, this gives an idea of how the above page is constructed.
My purpose is show a general mapping of the website.
I am continuously working hard upgrading all material throughout the WhiteIQ project.
Also note that all text areas function best while using Mozilla Firefox browser.

Usually, even when huge amounts of HTML are written;
the most important mechanism is a CSS code which often effects everything.
On most IQx pages, I've included the CSS & HTML together.
But, on this page; I will list them separately.
Below is the important CSS code which creates background, hovering effect, and highlighting.

A few final notes regarding this page:
You'll notice many flimsy footnote placed randomly throughout the material.
along with practice code which was given consideration.
Ultimately, I had to decide upon competing colors and designs, etc.

There is also plenty of "DEAD END" material.
I was planning on adding code later.
This is why you often see blank names, and empty lines within quotation marks.
(for example: tr align="" valign="" name=" ").
Basically, I was considering expanding the material.
Some code currently serves no function whatsoever.
and, of course; some links are no longer active.
The WhiteIQ website will be frequently updated. But, most of these novel projects are simply a basic guideline.